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Hydro graphics, also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping or cubic printing, is the method of applying printed design to three-dimensionally surfaces. 


The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, fiberglass, wood, ceramics, hardwoods, and various other materials. The water transfer process is extensively used to decorate items that range from the entire all-tertian vehicles and car dashboards to small items like bike helmets or other automotive trim.  For the most part, if the item can be dipped in water and can be painted using traditional techniques; then the hydro graphic printing process can be used on your piece. 




At the Anacapa 20,000 square foot facility, we have dedicated spaces for each specialized service.  We have perfected the ideal environment to enhance the coating applications and provide elite results for our clients. With thousands of completed projects, we invited you to come in to learn more about our capabilities, and if we are the right fit for your project. 

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